API: List Package Action Summary / Response fields not filled
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API: List Package Action Summary / Response fields not filled


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The following fields are not filled for the API and CSV List Package Action Summary for an "executed" package MOVE Actions:


Release: ENDAE.00200-18.0-Endevor-Software Change Manager


The product is working as designed and the mentioned API target fields were never meant to be populated.
To explain in more details, Package Action Summary is intended to provide information about particular package actions as they were coded in the SCL and the respective API field values are set at the Cast time.
Some information, like what will be the VVLL in the target location after the action executes cannot be derived from the SCL and is not known at the CAST time.
Therefore, we cannot create a fix as the current design does not allow to simply populate the affected target fields.
It would have to be an enhancement (new development).
If you are interested in this this enhancement, I suggest you open an ideation on the CA Communities website.

The set of target location fields (ALSUM_RS_T*) is simply a copy of the set of source location fields (ALSUM_RS_S*).
All fields for the source location make sense, but some target fields don't.
They got into the product inadvertently and will be removed from the respective dsect/copybook and from the documentation.

Additional Information

Also, I would like to mention that the target location information you are interested in is currently accessible via two other interfaces:
- user exit 3 (I know you currently make use of this approach)
- SMF activity records