Influence availability of Command execution
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Influence availability of Command execution


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How can the excution of a Command in OCS be restricted to a limited number of users?


Release: SLOPFC00200-12.1-NetMaster-File Transfer Management


All Commands that can be executed in OCS have a Command Authority assigned. That is a number between 0 and 9 and is documented in the online help (hit PF1 in OCS and select "List of Commands". In that list you find the default Command Authority in the rightmost column).

That Command Authority corresponds with the Authority Level a user has assigned via his UAMS-Entry. You find this level in the second UAMS Panel for a user (or a Group).

Now you have two choices:

1. You can limit the Authority Level the user has in his UAMS Settings (or in the UAMS Settings of the Group he is assigned to). Go to /UAMS, select the user or group with line command 'u' and hit PF8 to get to the second panel, the "UAMS : User Authorities". Here you can change the Authority Level between 0 (low) and 255 (high). Our distributed Commands all have an Authority Level between 0 and 9. That change becomes effective if the user enter SIGNON in OCS to refresh his User Settings or after he logs on the next time.

2. You can change the Authority Level of a specific command by using command
   SYSPARMS CMDAUTH=(command,nnn)
   For example, if you want to increase the Command Authority of Command TITLE (used to change the Title-Line of OCS) to 100 then you specify in OCS:
   To make this change become permanent, use procedure $NMPARMS in TESTEXEC. If that procedure does not exist, simply create it and put this one-line command into it.
After that command is executed all users need to have an Authority Level in UAMS of 100 or more to be able to execute this command.