API Legacy Portal: APIs are not visible on the portal


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When you login in portal and click on API's under dashboard the list of API's will not populate


JDBC connection is broken and you will see below errors in catalina.out

INFO (BackgroundLRSWrapper:) - [LRSWrapper general] -- connected to https://<gateway fqdn>:8443/portalman/1/apis using GET
DEBUG (BackgroundLRSWrapper:) - [LRSWrapper general] -- <Error>
<Detail>Invalid Operation</Detail>

You will see the same error when you try to access https://<gateway fqdn>:8443/portalman/1/apis from browser as well


API Developer Portal: API Legacy Portal 3.5


1. If you have implemented the steps for Installing the new Portalman in API Portal for CR3 and above at line 355 you will find JDBC connection

2. If this JDBC connection is broken you will see Error Code 500

3. From policy manager navigate to the JDBC connection local and click on test and see if it is working(most likely it will fail).

4. Check if the JDBC is pointing to the correct DB and has other properties are entered and set correctly.

Additional Information

Before you can publish a data API on the API Portal, the Gateway administrator must add a JDBC connection on the Gateway that points to the data source. For more information about how to add a JDBC connection on Gateway, see the Manage JDBC Connections section in the CA API Gateway documentation.