QOS data is not being removed from the Raw QOS data tables during data engine probe daily maintenance


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


The amount of data over 180 days old continues to grow daily.  Growth is being monitored using the method outlined in Knowledge Document KB00034940 .  The data_engine probe is configured to run maintenance daily.  It has also been configured to use partitioning and the data_management_timeout key value was increased from the defalut 7200 minutes to the recommended 65536 max value.

The database manager hosting the UIM database is MSSQL Server 2014 SP2 Standard Edition.

Why is the data_engine failing to delete old data from the RN_QOS_DATA tables?


UIM 8.51
data_engine 8.50
MSSQL Server 2014 SP2 Standard Edition


Partitioning is only supported in MS SQL Server Enterprise Editions.

The data_engine Configure GUI should prevent enabling partitioning if the MSSQL Server database manager it is configured to connect to is a Standard Edition, but this setting can be overridden if the following key value is set in the <setup> section of the data_engine.cfg file through the probe;s Raw Configure GUI:

data_management_partition = yes

To correct this, first change the value of this key to no from the probe's Raw Configure GUI, apply the change and restart the probe.
Allow the data_engine to run at least 24 hours to see if this automatically resolves the issue.
If not, then following the procedure outlined in the following Knowledge document to incrementally delete the old QoS data that exceeds the Raw data retention period:

KB000009547 : How to trouble shoot data retention and Database growth