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Extreme variance between USEDMASKEDVALUES Checked and Unchecked.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


The Log file seems to capture a lot of information (despite of the Default DIAGLEVEL) and hence its taking a long time to run. This is happening only when USEDMASKEDVALUES is checked. Attached are the Masking CSVs and Log files when it was run with USEDMASKEDVALUES Checked and Unchecked. When Unchecked it takes only 3 Mins versus when its checked it takes almost 1 Hour.  Why?  How can we reduce the Checked run?


Error with th patch code.


TDM 4.5
FDM 4.7.434.0


The version resolves this issue.  Please contact CA Support to get this or a later version.  If you are installing a GA version AFTER June 15, 2018, please contact CA Support to make sure that this fix was incorporated into it.

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