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Context Metric Browser lower tab does not always filled out


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Under some circumstances where the lower Metric Browser tab does not get populated with the related data for some Docker Monitor Agents. While other agents work okay

The following tools in the metric browser tab help you find more information about an issue:

  • Historical metrics
  • Search
  • Transaction Tracer
  • Thread dumps


CA APM 10.7 HF#6


Clearing Introscope Webview Cache resolves the issue

Additional Information

How to Clear Webview Cache?

1- Stop WebView and MOM Enterprise Manager processes

2- Delete the entire content [all files and directories] of <EM-Home>/work and <WV-Home>/work folders

3- Delete the entire content [all files and directories] of /configuration folder except file config.ini (DO NOT delete config.ini file)


4- Start MOM Enterprise Manager and WebView processes

Note: If Enterprise Manager and WebView are installed under same directory, then <EM-Home>/work and <WV-Home>/work are the same.