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robot package for third party installer mistakenly installed on all hubs and the UMP robot


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


A QA robot package with a request.cfg file was mistakenly deployed through a third party installer to all production hubs and the UMP robot. 

Original directories were not overwritten and are still there.

After trying to manually repair the hub.cfg, robot.cfg, and controller.cfg file, the production primary hub fails to come back up with an error:

Hub probe not installed properly

What is the best way to recover after corrupting hub and UMP robot installs by deploying a robot installation package through a third party installer?


UIM 8.51


The quickest fix is to restore from a backup, especially for VM systems.

May need to re-execute the UIM Server and UMP installers on the primary hub to restore this hub and the UMP robot.  Then run the hub installer on the secondary hubs to restore these if a backup image is not available.