Netmaster Packet Tracing fails when disabling IBM NMI


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Netmaster 12.1 is able to use the IBM NMI for capturing packets when proper maintenance is applied.
In this case, maintenance was applied but customer wanted to use Packet Analyzer.
It was not working.


The PATRACENMI parameter enables use of the IBM NMI for capturing packets.
It requires additional security definitions.
If these definitions are not in place and PATRACENMI is set to YES in the SSIPARMS, no packet capture will occur.


Release: SLOPFC00200-12.1-NetMaster-File Transfer Management


The PATRACENMI parameter was defined twice; once next to the PKTANALYZER parameter, where it was set to NO, then again much further down than the rest of the related parameters, where it was set to YES.
Netmaster uses the last iteration of any parameter defined, so was trying to use the IBM NMI without the security permissions to do so, thus no packets were being captured.

Removing the second PATRACENMI parameter resolved the problem. 
PKTANALYZER=YES was already defined.