How to generate reports in Rally
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How to generate reports in Rally


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There are several options to generate reports in Rally. Depending on your needs you can make use of;

  • the out-of-the-box reports, that are available in Rally directly,
  • the apps, that are available in the App Catalog,
  • the connectors, that are available to integrate with other tools,
  • export the data out of Rally and create the report in a tool of your choice,
  • your own custom apps, that you can create with our API.



Component: ACSAAS


You can find more information and background on the different options on our help pages;

  1. Out-of-the-box available reports : Reports and Charts There is also the option to customize some reports Custom Reports.
  2. Apps out of the App catalog: Use Apps in Rally . Especially the Custom List App can be useful.
  3. Our integrations or connectors. Have a look at our Connectors Page for all integrations available.
  4. Export of our data either directly from the UI : Import Data or via the our Excel Plugin.
  5. Create your own app or integrations using our API option. Please find the documentation at: