How to have Australian date format, instead of American date format in CA PPM?


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How to have Australian date format, instead of American date format in CA PPM?

Our production system has Australian date formats, and we want to have Australian date formats on a test system, and not American date formats.



Release: CODFSS99000-15.3-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment


1) Users may individually change their date format via their "Locale" setting. 

CA PPM 15.4 - Personalize Your Account Settings - Locale

- - - 
Manage Your Location and Language Settings 
You can define your time zone, locale, and language. 

Follow these steps: 
  • Select Home, Personal, Account Settings. 
  • Complete the following fields: 
    • Time Zone: Defines the primary workplace time zone. 
    • Locale: Defines your work locale. The locale controls the number and date language formatting in the product. 
    • Default: English (United States) 
    • Language: Defines the language to use in the user interface. 
    • Default: English 
Save the changes. 
- - - 

2) If you request a copy of the Production system over to Developement or Test servers, then all data - including Locale - will copy over.
  • SaaS customers may log an issue with CA Support to request this be done.
So if there is Australian date format on the Production system, copying this  over to Development will directly solve the issue for everyone.
You will of course lose whatever is currently on the Development system, as everything is overwritten.