RACROUTE Determination of Resource Ownership
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RACROUTE Determination of Resource Ownership


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Given a resource class ID and a resource ID, is there a RACROUTE invocation that can be used to identify the owner of that resource ID?


Component: TSSMVS


A RACROUTE EXTRACT can be used to extract the owner of a DATASET resource, but that is the only class that can be used this way.

A more complete programmed solution would be to use the RACF callable service R_admin to issue a TSS command and obtain the command results in a parsable buffer.

You can then issue TSS WHOOWNS commands to get the owner information for any combination of resource class and entity and get back a buffer containing TSS command output.

Or you can add the word FORMAT at the end of the command and the buffer will contain CFILE record output to match the command output, which may be easier to parse.

We do not document the usage of R_admin, you can read about it in IBM RACF related manuals.