Fresh Installing CentOS and MTP software


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It is possible to reinstall the Multi-Port Monitors operating system easily by utilizing the upgrade media provided with the 10.3 version of the Multi-Port Monitor software.


CentOS 6.X


1. Burn .ISO file from to a DVD (DVD07140244E.iso) 
Insert disk into the MTP disk drive and reboot the device
Allow the OS to install itself, the process is automated and will take approx. 20 minutes
2. Once the OS is installed, we will need to configure the management NIC. 
To do so, we will use the ‘sudo setup’ command
‘sudo setup’ -> ‘Network Configuration’ -> ‘Device Configuration’ -> Select the lowest eth port that does NOT have a .bak extension -> Enter your preferred network settings -> Save and Close the applet.
3. Next enter the following command to reset the network interface to ensure the new settings are updated: 

‘service network restart’
4. Install MTP 10.3 via the Customer Experience Manager Install Software utility
Access the MTP via a web browser by access the IP address you configured in step 2
Login using nqadmin/nq
Hit the ‘Install Software’ link
Browse to the MTP 10.3 release image and hit Upload and Install (DVD07140527M.iso)
***You will see an installation log output on the screen that will most likely stop with a line that says “shutting down httpd service”. Once you see this, wait 60 seconds and the installation will be complete.***
5. You can now access the standard MTP GUI by accessing the IP of your management NIC again from your browser.