Error during startup in VNM.OUT file after CA Spectrum upgrade.


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CA Spectrum


Error during startup in VNM.OUT file after CA Spectrum upgrade.

Upgraded to Spectrum 10.2.3. Restarted one of our SpectoSERVERS and received the following error after loading.
Jun 13 21:13:45 : Validating and loading SPECTRUM Intelligence Modules. 
Error while loading SPECTRUM Intelligence Modules: 
/prd/xis5/SPECTRUM/SS/Modules/ not loaded : Module version is not compatible. 

All remaining SPECTRUM Intelligence Modules successfully loaded.


Possible causes:
  • For some reason Spectrum could not update the old library when r10.2.3 was loaded. 
  • Old library file from a debug patch that can be deleted.


CA Spectrum release r10.2.3

NOTE: This type of issue is not Spectrum version specific. This could happen when upgrading to any version of Spectrum if there is an issue with updating the library files.


Possible solutions:

A: Copy the file from a working system and restart the SpectroSERVER. Check the $SPECROOT/SS/support/ file for that library file reference. The info file shows what was loaded and the versions. If it does show an older version for that file, we can simply copy over the correct version from another install and restart the SS. 

In this situation there was a working r10.2.3 system with the correct version, without the same error. We can copy it over and restart the SS. 

B: Often times during an upgrade code for a debug patch is replaced with new code. Sometimes debug dll library files are not removed when they should have been and result in these errors. If the same file isn't found on a matching system it is safe to move the file to an unused location, remove the file or delete it and restart the SpectroSERVER to confirm the error is resolved.

In this instance we confirmed in clean support lab servers that the is not actually seen in the list of loaded library dll files. It appears that this is a leftover dll from a debug patch and can be removed from the system to remove the error for appearing again.

Additional Information

If a second system is not available please contact CA Support with a new support case for assistance with a solution. A possible simple solution might be copying a version of the missing library file from a support lab system to the customer system.