How to get all probes version from a specific robot


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Many times, due to the need for support, it is necessary to collect the list of probes and their respective versions in a robot, the following note provides a simple procedure to obtain it.



Release: MSPNSP99000-8.51-Unified Infrastructure Mgmt-Server Pack-on Prem MSP


you can get it from any of these ways: 

Using Admin Console 
Logon at Admin Console 
Drill down on Left side tree until select the desired Robot
At Right panel select Installed Packages tab 
At Right side of Filter field select ic_export icon 
A file named InstalledPackage_[ROBOT_NAME]_[DATE]_data.csv will be generated with the information requested.

Running Pu command on primary hub as this way
  ..\nimsoft\bin\pu -u [USER] -p [PASSWORD] /[DOMAIN]/[HUB_NAME]/[HUB_MACHINE]/controller probe_list "" "" > [MyRobot]_Packages.txt

   NOTE: Where you should replace strings:
      [USER] by a IM adminsitrator user 
      [PASSWORD] by a IM adminsitrator user password
      [DOMAIN] UIM Domain 
      [HUB_NAME] UIM Hub name where Primary hub belongs 
      [HUB_MACHINE] UIM Hub machine name 

   EX: c:\nimsoft\bin\pu -u administrator -p MyPassword /jal000_domain/jal000_hub/PH-jal000/controller probe_list "" "" > jal000_Packages.txt

Then you can find the information at InstalledPackage_[ROBOT_NAME]_[DATE]_data.csv or [MyRobot]_Packages.txt depending on the method used.


Additional Information

PU command collect additional that could be useful in case be required a deeply analysis on the environment.