Additional arguments are not working in LISA_INVOKE


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a) Run a model archive using LISA_INVOKE from a different tool/ browser
b) Need to pass arguments to the MAR file.
c) Test script (.tst) inside the mar file should consume the value of the arguments to make workflow decisions use the argument value we are using LISA_INVOKE for running a mar file to invoke a test on a remote simulator

Per the below documentation from CA-DevTest, additional arguments can be passed to a Mar File using -D as part of the API call. How the arguments can be used within the test scripts?

Currently the value of these arguments are showing null in the test case

Below is the LISA_INVOKE API call being used http://[LISA SERVER NAME:1505/lisa-invoke/runMar?marOrMariPath=/tmp/Test_Windows_v1.mar&async=false&-DappInstanceId=295

Here appInstanceId is the additional arguments which the test case needs inside the script.


Component: ITKOTF


Customer resolved this issue.

We were able to successfully pass the arguments to the MAR file while invoking the LISA_INVOKE API.

They followed the approach from the below community thread and it did worked.

The example here showed for Running a test, but the same worked for Running a MAR to.