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Staff OBS and Staff OBS - Filter Mode are not filtering correctly on OBS Resource Aggregation and OBS Investment Aggregation Portlet.


1. Create a few OBS with Units

2. Create a project

3. Click on Team Tab > Add a resource to Team tab

4. Click on Resource Properties > Select a Staff OBS unit for the resource > Save

5. Navigate to > Resource Planning

6. Click on > Organizational Demand

7. Expand OBS Resource Aggregation Portlet > Select a 'Resource OBS Type'

8. Click on Staff OBS binocular icon > Select the same Resource OBS Type and chose one OBS unit

9. Set Staff OBS -Filter Mode to 'Unit Only' 11. Click Filter.

Expected Result: Only the selected OBS should display.

Actual Result: All the OBS units are displayed.


Any PPM release


This is not a defect. The portlet is working as designed.

This is a special type of portlet. This type of portlet uses persistent row data with extended TSV cell data filtering.

This type of portlet exists in Resource Planning portlets such as Resource Workloads, Weekly Detail, Role Capacity, OBS Investment Aggregation and Capacity planning.

The first column will always list ALL OBS units based on the 'Resource OBS Type' selected. When you apply the filtering for the Resource OBS or the Staff OBS, that affects the TSV data - the data that appears is based on this further filtering. This is how the portlet is designed. Therefore, if you want only 1 row to appear; match the same OBS Unit in both filter fields:

Example: Pick 'Development' in the Resource OBS field and in the 'Staff OBS' field. Then you will get one 1 in the portlet. However, doing this will restrict the data only for RESOURCES that have this OBS on their profile and also on a Team Record. Potentially a Staff OBS unit could be different than the Resource OBS profile unit.

Additional Information

You may want to use the Allocations portlet if you want to filter by Investment OBS.