Apache Vulnerability Identified in the APM CEM TIM Release 10.5 and 10.7


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Our internal testing / audit tool has identified the following vulnerability in the version of Apache deployed w/ CEM:

Apache httpd allows remote attackers to read secret data from process memory if the Limit directive can be set in a user's .htaccess file, or if httpd.conf has certain misconfigurations, aka Optionsbleed. This affects the Apache HTTP Server through 2.2.34 and 2.4.x through 2.4.27. The attacker sends an unauthenticated OPTIONS HTTP request when attempting to read secret data. This is a use-after-free issue and thus secret data is not always sent, and the specific data depends on many factors including configuration. Exploitation with .htaccess can be blocked with a patch to the ap_limit_section function in server/core.c. 


The recommended remediation process is to upgrade to the latest version of Apache.

We need to know if this risk is remediated in a newer release of CEM or, if not, are there future plans to release a version that corrects this issue?


APM 10.x and Later


https://docops.ca.com/ca-apm/10-7/en/installing/apm-installation/install-and-configure-tim-for-ca-cem This lists no specific Apache release as a tim pre-requisite.

This was covered in https://comm.support.ca.com/kb/apache-vulnerabilities-involving-cve20131896-and-cve20132249-need-an-apache-upgrade-impacting-cem-953/kb000035689
Security vulnerabilities are addressed via TIM versions 10.x and higher which are now OS and package independent. By this we mean that the the versions of various OS components (including Apache) will no longer be restricted to the version supplied by CA and can be patched at will.