DevTest 10.3 migration from 9.1


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We planned to move DEVTEST 9.1 to Devtest 10.3 Migration. During this process we have built New Environment for 10.3(New DB Server, Registry, Enterprise dashboards). Can you please provide the instructions how to migrate Version 9.1 DB info to New DB server ( Devtest version 10.3).


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You will have to have your DBA export the data from the 9.1.0 database to your new 10.3.0 database.

We provide no tools for this.

Configure your DevTest 10.3.0 properties files to target the new database, then when DevTest is started, it will make the necessary schema changes so you can use the database with DevTest 10.3.0.

Make sure your Oracle user used in the and files has DBA authority to make changes to the the new database. (ALTER, CREATE)