How do I assign alarms in the html_alarm_console to account users?


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Since we upgraded to html_alarm_console version 1.6.1, we can only assign alarms to users from the same account. In the previous versions you could assign alarms to any other user outside of your own account. For example, we have a dispatcher, who sees all messages and is the sole member of an account that has all origins assigned. This user is meant to assign alarms to other users, but at this moment this is not possible.
Is this configurable somewhere? 


Component: UIMMKT


Please follow these steps to resolve the problem:
  • double-click on the wasp probe on the UMP robot to open the configuration options.
  • switch to the webapps tab and select HtmlAlarmConsole
  • there, go to the “custom” tab.
  • there is an option “allocateall” that is set to false by default
  • change that to true, then restart HtmlAlarmConsole webapp