NFA Console System Status presenting errors: SNMP connectivity/harvester mysql


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


Did a snmpwalk test from the NFA console server (WS2012) to the RHEL 6.8 Harvester with sucess

The IP address of the Linux Harvester as also been added to the NFA Console snmp service -> Security -> "Accept SNMP packets from these hosts"

Confirmed also with the network team that the UDP 161 port is open, from the NFA console to the Linux Harvester.

the mysql remote connection working well for all the bases :
mysql -P3307 -D archive15 -h -u archive -parchive

in the watchdog.log , there are error :
ODBC connection failure
cannot poll the hrProcessorFrwID  metrics

No error in the mysql log : /opt/CA/MySql/data/*.err


problem of the DNS on the harvester to translate the NFA console IP


NFA 9.3.8


define the mysql in debug :
mysql harvester
SET GLOBAL general_log =on;
show variables like '%log%';

recycle the CA watchdog service on the NFA console
wait 5 minutes

the file /opt/CA/MySql/data/hostnamexxxx.log contains the error :
2018-06-14T09:54:10.674797Z 14504 [Warning] IP address '' could not be resolved: Temporary failure in name resolution is the NFA console IP ;
added the NFA console IP in the local /etc/hosts file resolved the problem .