When will the limitations of of using NCM over SDMs in CA Spectrum?


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CA Spectrum


We've recently discovered that it's still not possible to collect device configs on network equipment modeled via Secure Domain Connector.  A quick read on the support forums shows that it has been "under consideration" for a fair while now.

With the advent of GDPR and various other access restrictions put on by high-value corporate, financial, healthcare and government customers, it's becoming clear that being able to collect configs and SSH via Secure Domain will soon become a necessary feature rather than a "nice to have." 

Please, can someone advise how far along the "consideration" process this is as the lack of this functionality may well count against CA when it comes time to re-appraise our tooling needs in the near future?​


Component: SPCCSS


This is still on the roadmap, but not in the immediate future.
We are looking holistically at the approach, as our last attempt failed.
Product Management will keep the community posted on this. 

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