Use of SYSPLEX variables
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Use of SYSPLEX variables


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Client questions the impact in the use of SYSPLEX & GLOBAL variables.

Looking to create automation using SYSPLEX variables. Is there any issue (ie storage?) should I opt to NOT delete these global variables once created and no longer needed unless the automation fires again at some point in the future for the same issue? I plan to include code to update the SYSPLEX global if already defined or create it if it does not exist.


Component: OPSMVS


There are no concerns regarding storage or performance when using global or sysplex variables. The concern of use of the sysplex variables should be used sparingly and to be sure to keep notes to avoid the creation of variables never used nor cleaned up.

Also to display the sysplex variables already would use REXX to retrieve and display the contents of the variable GLVPLXTx.* or GLVPLXPx.*

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