UMP reportscheduler not honoring PRD report Y axis change


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Made a change to a Performance report and set the Y axis range to 0% - 100%

The first time the report is generated from the reportscheduler web app, the Y axis ranges saved in the Performance Report appear in the generated report.
The next day this same report is generated and the Y axis values are changed back to the Max QOS values reached for the metric instead of the configured Y axis range defined in the Performance report.


How do you configure a Performance Report so that when the reportscheduler webapp generates the report on a daily basis, the configured Y axis range is not overridden?


UIM/UMP 8.51


Configure the Y-axis range to the desired values following the instructions found in the " Data range" table entry in the "Charts Pane" section of "The Performance Reports Designer" Wiki page:

The Performance Reports Desigher - Charts Pane

Save the performance report.

In the reportscheduler portlet, make sure that you use the saved performance report in the schedule created to periodically generate this report.