HP 3par probe not fetching the data


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Deployed the hp_3par probe and verified that all the basic pre-requisites of the probe have been met, but the probe reports the following error in the log file:

hp_3parExecuteCLICommand command execution failed on command:  Failed to create connection to <device address>:22
com.nimsoft.ssh.SshConnectException: Failed to create connection to <device address>:22 (java.io.IOException: There was a problem while connecting to <device address>:22)

Why is the hp_3par probe failing to collect data for the configured HP 3PAR storage device and generating connection errors to the device on port 22?


UIM 8.51
hp_3par 1.23


The hp_3par probe collects data through a combination of standard SMI-S CIM API and 3PAR command line (CLI) option. For a few metrics, data is collected using CLI commands while for other metrics, the SMI-S provider is used.

In order for the CLI commands to work, the ssh port (22) must also be opened between the robot where the hp_3par probe is deployed and the monitored storage device.  You can verify that this port is opened executing the following telnet command from the robot where the hp_3par probe is deployed:

telnet <IP address of the monitored HP 3PAR storage device> 22

If this connection fails, then the probe will not be able to collect all available metrics from this device.