Disable auditing prior to upgrade
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Disable auditing prior to upgrade


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Broadcom Support recommends to disable/remove auditing before running a Clarity upgrade. The reason we recommend this is that the Auditing feature includes multiple database triggers, which can, in some cases execute during upgrade when it modifies the data and disrupt or fail it. This article provides the steps on how to disable auditing.


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Option 1 (the recommended way):

Currently the supported way to disable the auditing on all objects would be the following:
    1. Identify all objects having auditing enabled (you may run this query):

select distinct object_code
from odf_audited_attributes
where is_active =1
and created_by >0
and attribute_code <>'odf_pk'

    2. In Clarity, go to Administration -> Objects
    3. Open each object - go to Audit Trail
    4. Take a screenshot of the audited fields, save it
    5. Remove the audited fields from the selected lists on the right using the arrow for Insert, Update and Delete
    6. Save
    7. Repeat for all objects
    8. After upgrade, re-add the fields to the objects following the screenshots

The field removal as above from Audit trail and Save would also remove the auditing triggers.
Disabling of the auditing triggers is possible however it's not directly supported.
Option 2:
Alternatively, if you are doing an upgrade on a lower environment, have too many objects to disable, you could try the following to save time:

    1. Run the upgrade without disabling the Auditing
    2. See if you face any problem with any audit triggers during upgrade
    3. If your upgrade is successful, you should be able to skip this step on a higher environment.
    4. If you face an issue due to the auditing, you will have to rollback and retry whilst disabling it manually. 
Usually the auditing causes an issue in rare occasions and we cannot say in advance if it would. To guarantee there will be no issues with the upgrade and auditing, disabling is recommended.