NTService probe alarm


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Alert being generated by the ntservices probe when a service is stopped less than the polling interval. 

Dear Team, We are using ntservice probe to monitor services on windows server and found alerts were triggered for few services where the service outage was less than 1 min and we already enabled " Number of restart attempts" are 5 and "when action is set to auto Try to start the service" options, Please clarify. 


NTServices 3.40
UIM 8.51


When the NTServices probe start, the probe will start the timer. If you set the Interval for 300 sec, the probe will poll for status of the services every 300 sec. 

If your profile have Action set to auto, you will get an alarm when it detects a service has stopped and will try to restart the service when the probe poll for service status at the end of the 300 sec even if the service has only stopped for less than 1 min.
Once the service starts and stays running, the alarm will auto clear (with Send Clear checked in the properties tab) when the probe perform the next poll.