Flowdock - Administration: New users in a different organization


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We have a main organization called "Org1" that everyone should be part of. When new users enter, they sometimes end up in another organizations, like Org8, Org10, etc. Even though we delete these organizations, they seem to pop up again and again.

Do you have any explanation to why this happens, and how we can avoid it? 


Component: FLODOC


Many Flowdock users that sign up do not have any Organizations to join. So, Flowdock will ask them if they would like to create a new Organization and begin inviting users to their Organization.

f one of your users signs up and it is not obvious to Flowdock that they are trying to join a specific Organization, they will be offered to create a new Organization. This is probably happening to your users when they either don't use the join link in the email or they just try to login and create a Flowdock userid without receiving (or using) the invitation to your organization first.