How to define varying rates for the same role on a project in PPM
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How to define varying rates for the same role on a project in PPM


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How to define varying rates for the same role on a project in CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)

​Architect (1) may be located in Europe with one rate, while Architect (2) may be located In the United States and have a different rate on that project. This article will cover the steps to have different rates for the same role on a project


Component: PPMPFM


This can be done by use of the Role's Staff OBS Unit populated on the Team for the project and linking that to either the Location or Department OBS defined on a rate matrix. The below steps walk you through how to do this with a Location OBS, but similar steps can be used with the Department OBS. 

  • Make sure that Hide Financial OBS is not checked as this will hide the Location/Department OBSs from the Staff OBS view (see: KB000109734 for steps to check this setting)
  • In order for that same OBS to also be available to select as a value on the Rate Matrix for Location, it has to be associated with an Entity's Location OBS.
Step 1: Setup your Location OBS

1. Go to Administration->Organization and Access->OBS
2. Click on your Location OBS
3. Add the Resource object as an Associated Object if not there already:
  • Click Add under Associated Objects
  • Click the check box next to the Resource Object and Click Add
4.  Go to Administration->Finance->Setup
5. Click on Locations under 'Organizational Structure'
6. Click the 'New' button and populate the below information:
  • Location Name
  • Location ID
  • Entity (Browse for your Entity)
  • Parent Location (selecting a Parent Location will populate the new OBS under the existing OBS)
  • Description
7. Save your changes
8. Repeat steps 4-7 for each new Location you want to add

Step 2: Update your Rate Matrix

1. Go to Administration->Finance->Manage Matrix
2. Click on the Rate Matrix (If it's locked, click on the Locked Matrices button to unlock it)
3. Click on the Assign Columns tab of the Rate Matrix
4. Add 'Location' to 'Select Columns' if not there already
5. Click 'Save and Continue' to go to the 'Edit Matrix Rows' tab
6. Click the New button and enter the appropriate matrix details then click Save and Return:
  • From Date
  • To Date
  • Resource Role (if the granularity of the rates should be by both role and location)
  • Location
  • Rate
  • Standard Cost
  • Actual Cost
(Repeat this step for each rate row as needed based on your setup)

Step 3: Update your role on the project with a Staff OBS defined as the Location OBS

1. Go to a project in PPM
2. Add the role to the Team for the project if not there already
3. Click Configure on the Team list to add the Staff OBS Unit field if not there already
4. Add Staff OBS Unit as a Selected Column and click Save and Return
5. Populate a Location OBS in the Staff OBS Field (if it isn't the default OBS, click on the OBS drop down and select your Location OBS)
6. Save your changes

Step 4: View the cost for the role on a task
1. Create a new task on the project and assign the role to the task
2. Add some ETC for the assignment
3. Add the ETC Cost field to the Assignment and/or Task List views
4. Go to the Task list and from the Actions drop down, select 'Update Cost Totals' to update the cost for the project

Results: You'll now see that the ETC Cost is populated based on the ETC assigned to the role multiplied by the rate defined in the Rate Matrix. 

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