ZVEX050A PTFs; applying maintenance
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ZVEX050A PTFs; applying maintenance


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Explore Performance Management


Applying Explore/VM maintenance and received warning VMFUTL2070W.
Should I be concerned?


Release:  5.0
Component: EXPLVM


Although you are getting message VMFUTL2070W, please confirm VMFBLD is completing with RC=4 and states that there are 0 (ZERO) Build Requirements Remaining.
If this is the case, the VMFUTL2070W, though annoying, can be ignored.

This is "expected" and there is really not anything that can be done to prevent the message from appearing each time you run VMFBLD.
This is the result of the NUCBL48 BuildList being replaced by the NUCBL51 BuildList for Explore. VMSES knows that NUCBL48 was required in the past. VMSES sees this and issues the VMFUTL2070W message even though it is now marked as DELETED in the control files.
At the end of the verbiage for VMFUTL2070W it states something to the effect "If the BuildList was removed intentionally, this message can be ignored."
The NUCBL48 BuildList was removed intentionally, so you can ignore the message."

Again, please verify VMFBLD is completing with RC=4 and states there a ZERO Object That Require a Rebuild.

If this is the case, you can proceed and run VMDEPLOY to deploy the updated code.