Length of tag data tokens
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Length of tag data tokens


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VM:Secure for z/VM


Message VMX0837E says that, "The maximum value of the sum of the length of the tag name and the length of any token in the tag data is 58." Allowing for the asterisk and colon at the beginning and end, respectively, of the tag name, and a space between the name and the value, I should be able to have the name and the token add up to 68 characters, not 58, and stay within the directory line length limit of 71.

Can the limit be raised to 68? We're trying to store e-mail addresses in tags, and 58 isn't long enough. I realize that we might have to split the address onto multiple lines, but I'd like to avoid that if we can.


Component: VMX


When setting TAG data, the length of the longest piece of data delimited by blanks plus the length of the tagname is currently restricted to 58 bytes.
This doesn't take advantage of 10 more bytes available up to byte 71, the last byte that can be used in source directory records.

VM:Secure PTF SO04033  increases the TAG data maximum length.