Download and Installation Steps for Jaspersoft Studio Report Developer for Clarity


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Clarity PPM On Premise


How to connect Jaspersoft Studio Professional to GCP Clairty /Jaspersoft Server and Advanced Reporting to create, download, upload, and publish reports. 

  • You need a report developer user and configure a server connection to connect to Jaspersoft Server.
  • You can also create data adapters in Jaspersoft Studio to test report queries.


GCP Clarity PPM and Jaspersoft Studio 


  1. Extract the media to your desktop and Install Jaspersoft Studio Professional software and configure the Jaspersoft Studio CA JDBC Adapter by following the README.txt instructions.
  2. Install license file (make sure to unzip ISO to local hard drive and follow steps below.)
    1. Open Jaspersoft
    2. Go to help
    3. You will find a button called Install new license
    4. Click on the same and point it to the license file which is provided.
    5. Once you install the license it changes from Evaluation to Commercial. 
      Notes from Readme: To install the license for JasperSoft, please install either the 32-bit or 64-bit version, launch JasperSoft Studio and go to Help/License Manager and select "Install new license" and browse to the location of the "jasperserver.license" file.
  3. Create an Advanced Reporting Developer User and Set Up the JasperReports Server Connection
  4. Set up the JasperReports Server Connection
  • For GCP customers setting up new Japsersoft server connection for report development:
    • You should not need to reinstall Jaspersoft Studio 7.1, however you will need to update the Jasper server connections and data adapters to point to the new GCP Jaspersoft URL's.
    • This information can be found in the Clarity UI under Clarity > System Options > Advanced Reporting.

     5. How to copy OOTB Studio Report

  • The following procedure uses the Project Storyboard report as an example.
  • The Project Storyboard report is included with the Advanced Reporting content that is installed when you apply the PMO Accelerator add-in.