Vmware is not connecting or collecting inventory after upgrade


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


vCenter upgraded from 6.0 to 6.5.  After the upgrade, the vmware probe is failing to connect with the following error message:

[Connection tester - 0, vmware] (12) login failed, VMWare API is unavailable: com.vmware.vim25.InvalidLogin: null at com.nimsoft.probe.application.vmware.sdk.VmwareEnvAdaptor.login(VmwareEnvAdaptor.java:273)

User configured in the probe is able to login to the vCetner MOB from a browser running on the same robot as the vmware probe.
The connection test can be execute from the vmware probe Configure GUI opened from Infrastructure


Incorrect username saved in the vmware.cfg file


UIM Server 8.51
vmware probe 6.87
Monitored vCenter 6.5


The vmware connection test was performed using a valid username and password, but this was never saved in the vmware.cfg file.  The probe was using the old username and password which was invalid.  By saving the valid username and password values for the resource in the vmware.cfg file, the probe was able to successfully connect to the vCenter resource.