Volume is past it's EXPDT yet still in a SCRATCH=NO status.


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CA TLMS Tape Management


We have a volume that is using Date control for its retention. The EXPDT/Keepdate is a date in the past. Why is the volume still active within TLMS?

Volumes are not being scratched via the TLMSTRS scratch run.


z/OS and TLMS.


After an execution of CATVMFV/CATVCVS(TLMS chaining report), we found that the volume in question was in the report with the following message: CAT6205W VSN=L12345 VOLCNT=002 VSN=L34567 VOLCNT=000 CHAINED VOLUMES VOLCNT SHOULD BE EQUAL * Since this volume is part of a chaining error, TLMSTRS will not process the volume till the chaining error is manually corrected.