Does CA Dispatch need it's own Cobol/ILBO modules
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Does CA Dispatch need it's own Cobol/ILBO modules


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


We had a Cobol issue and it came to light that the CA Dispatch load library is positioned higher in the linklist than our  SYS1.SCEERUN library. The CA Dispatch load library contains some really old Cobol/ILBO run time modules. Some of these date back to early 1980's.

1. Does Dispatch really need its own versions of these ILBO modules?
2. If it does, would we be OK re-positioning the CA Dispatch load library and place it at the bottom of the LINKLIST concatenation?

We are concerned about affecting the housekeeping / maintenance  jobs that reference the current linklisted CA Dispatch load library. And possible affects on 3270 ISPF functionality. 


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch


The answer is YES. CA Dispatch needs and uses it's own ILBO modules.

They are necessary for some of our reporting programs to run. And are also necessary when applying CA Dispatch maintenance apars/ptfs. The CA Dispatch ILBO modules have no affect on 3270 ISPF functionality.  

You would be fine moving the CA Dispatch load library further down in the LINKLIST concatenation if the housekeeping and maintenance jobs that you referred to are STEPLIB'ing to the CA Dispatch load library. Typically, they way CA ships these housekeeping jobs, they DO have STEPLIB DD's in them.