CBSUSE NO and KEY-USAGE atrribute


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We have some keys that we have executed CXX ALTER to CBSUSE=NO.  We would like to make this permanent by defining the KEY-USAGE attribute in the Data Dictionary. 

Which KEY-USAGE parameter is the same as CBSUSE=NO?

Is it possible to update the KEY-USAGE attribute to the PROD Data Dictionary version?




CBS-USE=NO means that CBS access cannot be used but RAAT access (Record at a time) is allowed. 

So, the equivalent to that is KEY-USAGE=R. 
KEY-USAGE=N means that the key cannot be used at all. 

The KEY PROD status attribute can be updated.
A warning will be given about the KEY entity being in PROD status but the update will be successful. 

Additional Information

CA Datacom Core - 15.1 section "CXXMAINT ALTER CBSUSE (Trial Delete a Key from CBS Use)"
CXXMAINT ALTER CBSUSE (Trial Delete a Key from CBS Use) 

The CXXMAINT ALTER CBSUSE option allows you to specify whether a particular key is used by the Compound Boolean Selection Facility for SELxx commands. If a key is deleted from Compound Boolean Selection use, it remains available for record-at-a-time requests and CA Datacom®/DB maintains it during ADDIT, UPDAT, and DELET processing. Cataloging the database restores the use of all keys. 
The following topics are discussed on this page: 

   When to Use 
      Effects on Maintenance 
  How to Use 
  Example JCL 
      Sample Report 
   Copy of DDB--Sample Report CXXMAINT ALTER CBSUSE (14.0) 

When to Use 
Use the ALTER CBSUSE option to test how deleting a key would change performance of applications accessing the specified table. Performance can improve as well as degrade.

Go to the above documentation link for additional information.