Autosys PS job; Peoplesoft process detail report shows it runs on a different machine


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A Peoplesoft job ran on the default Peoplesoft Scheduler. How can this be changed so the job gets submitted to a different server?
Example: Job is submitted to PSAA, but we want it to run on PSUNX8. In the definition below

insert_job: ps_test_295_TEST_fs9_tst job_type: PS
machine: fs9-tst-win999
owner: [email protected]
permission: gx,ge,wx,we,mx,me
date_conditions: 0
alarm_if_fail: 1
alarm_if_terminated: 1
send_notification: F
notification_template: "email1"
ps_restarts: Y
ps_email_log: N
ps_email_web_report: N
ps_operator_id: [email protected]_INS_FS9TST
ps_process_name: FZPO_999
ps_process_type: Application Engine
ps_skip_parm_updates: N
ps_run_cntrl_id: ASYS_PO_EQOH_TEST
notification_emailaddress: [email protected]
notification_alarm_types: ALL

The machine name above is the System Agent, and this has nothing to do with the Peoplesoft Server name.


This is relevant to any Peoplesoft plug in version.

11.3.6 SP6 
 CA Workload Automation Agent for: 
Windows 32-bit 
11.3, Service Pack 7, Maintenance Level 0, Build 979 

Functionality Installed with Agent: 
Name Enabled 
- config No 
- filebrowser Yes 
- filemon Yes 
- ftp Yes 
- management No 
- objmon Yes 
- router Yes 
- runner Yes 
- snmp No 

Additional Integrations/Plugins Installed on Agent: 
Name Enabled Version 
- PeopleSoft Yes 


The issue was the PS job ran on default PS Scheduler. How can we change that so the job gets submitted to a different server?
 Job is submitted to PSAA, but we want it to run on PSUNX8.

The Peoplesoft (PS) server can be specified 2 ways.  The job definition would override what is in Agentparm:

1. Set ps.default.servername in the Agentparm for the Agents running PS jobs: 


Sets the default value for the name of the target server executing the PeopleSoft job. You can leave this parameter undefined. The PeopleSoft scheduler determines where to run the job. You can specify a server name in a job definition to override the default 

2. Change all the job definitions to have ps_server_name, with the correct server name.


Specifies the name of the target server that runs the PeopleSoft job. PeopleSoft stores the list of server names in the PS_SERVERDEFN table. This value corresponds to the Server Name field in PeopleSoft.
Limits: Up to 8 characters; cannot contain delimiters (such as spaces)

Note:  If no server is defined in the Job, then the agent will use the default.  If the job comes with a server name, then the agent will override the default and use the values from the job.  This is true
for any parameter that is defined in the job and another value for same parameter exists in the agentparm.txt.  The Job will override the agent side.

After adding ps_server_name to the job definition, it clearly shows on the Receiver log on the Message Accepted, Message Received as ServerName(ABCD) for example.