Changing Java Heap Values for iDash server processes on *NIX
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Changing Java Heap Values for iDash server processes on *NIX


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iDash Workload Automation iDash Workload Automation for CA 7


A customer may see errors in their iDash server logs showing that there were issues with heap space or ran out of heap space such as the following:

<timestamp> [ERROR]$1: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:Java heap space java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:Java heap space



Release: WKLAID99000-12-Workload Automation-iDash


Navigate to $IDASH_HOME/bin and open the idash_server file for editing.

Find the JAVA_OPTS line and modify the values for the parameters -Xms which is minimum java heap allowed for the jvm and -Xmx which is maximum java heap allowed for the jvm.  

Save the file.

Restart the iDash server using the idash_server stop and idash_server start commands.

Additional Information


1. These values are by default in megabytes (hence the m at the end of the value).

2. There can be no spaces between the parameter and the value.

3. -Xmx value cannot be the same as the available system memory. We need to leave some memory for the system to function.

See iDash "System Requirements" doc below.