Which log file will capture Remote Control session User information on ITCM domain manager ?


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Which log file will capture  Remote Control session User information on ITCM domain manager ?


Component: DTSVMG


The remote control connection information will be logged in TRC_URC_VIEWER_0.log on ITCM Domain Manager.  . 
For Example : We can see the machine name an user name attempted the session. 

110618-15:58:11.7528752L|015128|00003774|VIEWER |CRCControlSessio| |000000|NOTIFY | Initiating the Remote Control Session......... 
110618-15:58:11.7529301L|015128|00003774|VIEWER |CRCControlSessio| |000000|NOTIFY | ComputerName:AgentPC-I8765 
110618-15:58:11.7529577L|015128|00003774|VIEWER |CRCControlSessio| |000000|NOTIFY | Address: AgentPC-I8765.ca.com:4728 
110618-15:58:11.7529828L|015128|00003774|VIEWER |CRCControlSessio| |000000|NOTIFY | UserID: Administrator 
110618-15:58:11.7530107L|015128|00003774|VIEWER |CRCControlSessio| |000000|NOTIFY | Protocol: TCP 
110618-15:58:11.7531502L|015128|00003774|VIEWER |CRCControlSessio| |000000|NOTIFY | UserURI: 
110618-15:58:11.7565051L|015128|00003774|VIEWER |CRCControlSessio| |000000|NOTIFY | ConnectionType: Shared Control 
110618-15:58:19.2486968L|015128|00003774|VIEWER |CActiveSessionTI| |000000|NOTIFY | Connecting to the Remote Host.......... 
110618-15:58:19.8275387L|015128|000026d4|VIEWER |CRCControlSessio| |000000|NOTIFY | Verifying username and password... 
110618-15:58:20.4952162L|015128|000026d4|VIEWER |CRCControlSessio| |000000|NOTIFY | Viewer Session Started