MONITOR: Tracking Requests
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MONITOR: Tracking Requests


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To allow you to run requests under control of the CA VM:Schedule™ request execution monitor, use the MONITOR record. The request execution monitor produces status information not otherwise available. This information is useful when determining why a request did not complete execution. In addition, users can avoid having to issue the CP LOGOFF command from an EXEC or program after their scheduled request completes.

This record activates request execution monitoring, allowing you to:

  • Spool users’ consoles to a specified user ID
  • Request a CPDUMP or VMDUMP in case a request abends
  • Have the user ID automatically log off after the request completes
  • Send a request completion time and command return code to the CA VM:Schedule™ service virtual machine and a specified user ID.


Component: VMD


The CA VM:Schedule request execution monitor runs as a nucleus extension and uses bit 26 in control register 0. The monitor sets this bit when a request begins executing on the virtual machine. If the bit is still set, the request is assumed to be running. Otherwise, the request is assumed to have terminated abnormally. If your site has software installed that has a conflicting use for bit 26, contact CA Technical Support.

CA VM:Schedule uses the VMSCHED MON command to communicate monitoring information. This command presents request start and request end information to the service machine. To safeguard against accidental changes, the VMSCHED MON command is not presented to the command user exit.

Warning! VMSCHED MON cannot be altered or used for any other purpose than communicating monitoring information. The command presents information to the server in a specific format that contains non printable data that the product requires.

Due to VMSCHED MON requirements, if your site monitors requests, warn users to make sure their user IDs have access to the CA VM:Schedule communications module (VMSCHED MODULE). If CA VM:Schedule autologs a user ID and cannot find this module, the request does not run. The user ID sits idle for 15 minutes until the system forces it off. (After the user ID is forced off, the QUERY command shows the status UNKNOWN TERMINATION.)

Additional Information

More information can be found in the VM:Schedule Administrators reference which can eb accessed at: