Over of upgrade steps and requirements from CA CSM 5.1 to 6.0.
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Over of upgrade steps and requirements from CA CSM 5.1 to 6.0.


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


What are the requirements and steps to upgrade CA CSM from 5.0/5.1 to 6.0?


Release: MSMNGR00200-5.1-Chorus Software Manager


Quick summary of summary of installing CA CSM. References to 5.1 could also be for 5.0 in this document. 

This is an overview of the CSM upgrade from 5.1 to 6.0. 

These are the main paths used by CSM: 






With an upgrade 6.0 will be using the same /parent_path/msmserv/mpm as 5.1. This means that once the upgrade is done to 6.0 you won't be able to continue using 5.1.


/parent_path/msmserv/mpm and it's file system APLROOT are controlled by CA CSM so not much to do with them in the upgrade. For the other three you could create new versions for 6.0: 




To save on space you could use a separate file system for each with 100 cylinders. After the upgrade is done you could delete the msminstall file system. 


Download the MSM install package to /parent_path/msmserv/v60/msminstall 


Unzip it there in OMVS with 

pax -rvf DVD10155349E.pax.Z 

This creates an MSMInstaller directory. In this directory update and run the UNZIPJCL. 

In the UNZIPJCL you will see these: 

newname="<-- YOUR CA CSM USS HFS DIRECTORY -->/MSMProduct" 

newname="<-- YOUR CA CSM USS HFS DIRECTORY -->/MSMSetup" 

<-- YOUR CA CSM USS HFS DIRECTORY --> will be /parent_path/msmserv/v60/ so you will have newname="/parent_path/msmserv/v60/MSMProduct" 


The yourHLQ.MSM60.UITOOL can be any hlq. After running UNZIPJCL you will have: 






In /parent_path/msmserv/v60/MSMSetup you will have MSMSetup.sh and MSMSetupOptionsFile.properties. You will need to copy the 5.1 version to the 6.0. 

To do this, in OMVS cd to /parent_path/msmserv/v60/MSMSetup then command:sh MSMSetup.sh copyOPT PreviousRelease.MSMPATH where PreviousRelease.MSMPATH will be the 5.1 /msm path, for example something like /parent_path/msmserv/v51/msm 


Next in /parent_path/msmserv/v60/MSMSetup/MSMSetupOptionsFile.properties update PreviousRelease.MSMPATH= to be PreviousRelease.MSMPATH=/parent_path/msmserv/v51/msm 

/parent_path/msmserv/v51/msm is whatever you current 5.1 /msm path is. This will cause MSMSetup.sh to do an upgrade. 

Review the other parm in MSMSetupOptionsFile.properties such as the new path names for the 6.0 /msm and /msmruntime, Do not change the one for /mpm, That is, whatever you are using for /parent_path/msmserv/mpm for 5.1 keep using it. 

In OMVS run MSMSetup.sh. This is just a summary overview so refer to the install guide for details. Select a manual install, the script will prompt you for this selection. After it is done refer to MSMSummaryReport.txt in the MSMSetup and continue with the manual steps.