General System Security
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General System Security


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VM:Secure for z/VM


CA VM:Secure and General System Security


Release: VMSECR00400-3.2-VM:Secure


CA VM:Secure provides basic security features to sites that are not running the CA VM:Secure Rules Facility. These features include:

  • Password verification with other security systems
    CA VM:Secure can examine the source directory to verify logon passwords that users enter while executing CA VM:Secure commands. If the password is managed by a separate External Security Manager product like RACF, then the command processor can call the CHKPASS User Exit, which could ask the ESM to verify the password.
  • Directory link statement verification
    CA VM:Secure can verify a directory link to a virtual machine. You can also prevent users from defining directory links to sensitive or privileged user IDs, such as MAINT or OPERATOR.
  • Minidisk link mode and password verification
    CA VM:Secure can secure sensitive minidisks from harm by verifying changes made to a minidisk’s access mode and link passwords.
  • Logon password checking
    CA VM:Secure lets you define standards for how many characters a password can have and which characters are allowed. The product can also force users to change their passwords on a regular schedule and prevent reuse of recently used passwords.