View Default Value is Not Working for Capitalization %


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The default value that is set for the Capitalization % field on the team views is not being used when adding new team members to an investment, instead the default for the attribute is used. Due to this, it is not possible to set different default values for this field on different partitions. 

Steps to Reproduce: 
1. Go to Administration - Objects - Team 
2. In the Views tab, click on the Fields link to the 'Staff Member Properties'
3. Change the filter to Display All and click Go
4. Click on the Properties icon next to the 'Capitalization %' field
5. Set a default value of 75%, and click Save and Return
6. Go to Home Projects, open any project and Staff any resource to the team

Expected Results: The Capitalization % of the team record is 75%. 
Actual Results: The Capitalization % of the team record is not 75%, instead it's set to the default value on the attribute. 


Release: CODFSS99000-15.3-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment


This is working as designed. The concept of 'creating a team record' like you would with other objects using a 'create' view is not available. The 'create' view is the only view that uses the Override default that we can set on the fields for the views. As the Team object has no [Layout: Create] view, when a Staff Member is added to a team, it will use the attribute defaults.

Unfortunately, the object structure cannot be modified to remove the 'Fields' link for some objects and not others, so even though the Team object does not have a 'Create' view, the 'Fields' link cannot be removed or modified to not allow a view override default from being entered.  

Studio defaults work as follows:
  • If a field is defined on a 'create' page with a view default value, that is used when the record is created. The 'view' default is called an 'override' default value.
  • If the view field is defined with a default, but is NOT placed on the create page, the record is created with the attribute default value.
  • If NO default value is defined on the view field, then the attribute default value is used.