Increased CPU usage in Catalog AS after upgrade to Release 14.0


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CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


After upgrade to Vantage Release 14.0 I noticed the CPU Time used by the Catalog Address space increased when the DNSUCTL script is running.
With Release 12.6 the Catalog Address space used about 0.1 CPU minutes compared to several minutes with Release 14.0.
What is the reason for this?


Release: SMV3EN00200-14.0-Graphical Management Interface


PTF RO97384 for Release 14.0 rewrote the Uncataloged data set audit and in particular the way how Vantage checks,
if a given data set is cataloged. Before the PTF Vantage was reading directly the cataloged VSAM data set, which was
causing several problems as it does not use standard interface to z/OS ICF.
The PTF RO97384 uses LOCATE utility to check the cataloged status, which then uses some services from catalog
address space to resolve the request, resulting in increased CPU comsumption.