Want to Reduce Time to Copy a Large Database
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Want to Reduce Time to Copy a Large Database


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A client performs a daily function of using SARDBASE to UNLOAD a View database, to LOAD it to another location, so that the end-users can browse reports. 
Is a faster way of to copy the View database?


CA View - All releases


If the reports the end-users are browsing are from the previous day or days, then it may be possible to run a SARDBASE Selective UNLOAD, which would reduce the size of the file to be loaded at the target location.

In order to run any type of backup on a View database, it is imperative that all tasks that run against that database need to be down.

These tasks would include:
 . . SARXMS (the interface being used)
 . . Any CA Deliver RMOSTC tasks that write directly to that View database.

Even if an end-user is only browsing a report, that action is updated to the database, so there needs to be NO activity happening with the database, at the time of backup.

Trying to capture a database where activity is occurring is like trying to hit a moving target. In essence, the results would be worthless.

In addition to using the View utilities, another option for backup would be to use a utility like FDR or DFDSS to do full-volume backups of the packs that contain the View database.
That may go faster than the View utilities, as there is nothing more being done to the database than copying it.