Error Invalid object name cmpl_tasksession12_5
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Error Invalid object name cmpl_tasksession12_5


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


To manage runtime tasks effectively, CA Identity Manager 14.0 introduces a new type of tables named Completed Task Session tables. From CA Identity Manager release 14.0 onward, any new tasks that have reached the Completed state are moved to the new Completed Task Session tables by an automated server process. The automated server process is a background process that is periodically invoked, checks for completed data and if found, moves the data to the Completed Task Session tables.

When invoking the cleanup task in CA Identity Manager 14.1 the task may fail with an error:  Failed to execute CleanupSubmittedTasksEvent - Invalid object name cmpl_tasksession12_5



CA Identity Manager 14.1 CP1 - CP4



The Move Completed tables feature was completely dropped in the cumulative patch 5 (CP5) as this feature causes tasks to go into progress.