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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


The following is questions about the REST management API.

01.  Is there any change or impact on Gateway's service or behavior by installing the REST management API?

02. The REST Management API has the following two installation methods.
     . Via the the GUI in the Policy Manager
     . Auto-provision via the command line (Policy Manager not required)
      Is there any difference in the contents to be installed?

03. [Via the the GUI in the Policy Manager], is it necessary to restart the API Gateway service after the installation?

04. Is "REST Management API Documentation" possible before installing the REST Management API?

05. Can REST Management API be uninstalled?


CA API Gateway - 8.x
CA API Gateway - 9.0
CA API Gateway - 9.1
CA API Gateway - 9.2
CA API Gateway - 9.3


Installation of REST Management API is issuance of internal service.
So, there is no addition of new modules etc

01. It does not affect

02. There is no difference

03. Restarting the Gateway service is unnecessary

04. You can refer to the document after setting up the service. 
    It is impossible before that.

05. With deletion of the service it is possible