Agile Central: Kanban Board - Why we can't select a Subscription Admin as a card owner?


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How come a Subscription Administrator isn't appearing in the user list for Owner in a Kanban Board card?

In this screen shots we click the Owner field and we don't see the Sub-Admins listed:

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Component: ACSAAS


Only Team Members can be selected to own artifacts. That is the behavior not only for Kanban Board but for any app and also for the product screens. Even a Subscription Administrator can not be made owner unless is added to the team. 

Here is a similar example not out of the Kanban Board but from the User Story detail page. It shows the same selection options:

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As said, in order to allow users to own artifacts they must become Team Members. This includes any user, even the sub-admins.

To learn more on how to make users become Team Members, see:

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Also, see:


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