CA Rapid App Security: Application Not Registered


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CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


Receiving the below error when using RAS

error.USERINFO: {
NSLocalizedDescription = "request Failed: The application is not registered (110003)";
errorData = {
error = "strongauth_authentication_error";
"error_description" = "-";
"error_details" = "The application is not registered";
"reason_code" = 0;
"response_code" = 110003;
} ******


Component: RAPIDA


In every request, we have local validation whether to proceed or not based on credentials SDK currently has.

Such as, for device registration, we check the slave client has been registered, and for the token endpoint, we check device has been registered, and etc.

Those validations will most likely pass in usual scenarios, since all request/response processing is pre-defined within the SDK, and handles those credentials accordingly.

However, if the device date/time is modified manually this can cause this kind of problem as we miss the client validation based on the details we received.

Usually the device registration is valid for one week and this will typically be observed when the date is set 1+ weeks ahead.