Best practices for large portlets/pages and multiple tabs to avoid OOM
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Best practices for large portlets/pages and multiple tabs to avoid OOM


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Some users may get impatient and open multiple windows and tabs with the same large request. For example, they try to retrieve thousands of allocations in "Resource Planning - Allocations" or a similar large portlet and it's taking some time to respond.

In the attempt to get the results quicker, the user opens 5-6 browser tabs with the same request. Or they repeatedly close the tabs when the large portlet still spinning, and open new ones

This is going to make the performance much slower as many requests for the same large query hit the application server at the same time. It can, in some cases even bring a single application server down by leading to OutOfMemory(OOM).


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Best Practices:

  • We recommend to ensure the users are aware of the capabilities of the application and how the requests work.
  • If the user notices a large portlet takes longer, we recommend waiting for the initial session to respond and complete and not opening any additional requests as this would slow things down more.
  • For large portlets, filtering is recommended, to avoid very large queries
  • Doing this would avoid a slowness/hanging or even outage for all users on this server
  • If the portlet is returning over 50-100k of results, we recommend leveraging the reports capability as the portlets are not meant to be used for data extract