CA Easytrieve with IDMS SQL getting a security error
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CA Easytrieve with IDMS SQL getting a security error


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PanAudit Plus Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL


IDMS retrieval for an SQL CA Easytrieve job.

Does CA Easytrieve have the functionality included to only retrieve and not update IDMS SQL?
Why is CA Easytrieve opening up the IDMS file in UPDATE mode for a SELECT? 



CA Easytrieve for IDMS running in 11.6-c compatibility mode 
Have an Easytrieve program with a SELECT * FROM SQLCHEMA, 
with only Retrieval access to the SQLCHEMA 


CA Easytrieve is working as designed at this time. It appears that IDMS readies everything in update mode from SQL. If running a product like Culprit it, checks for select statements and sets the transaction as read only. Easytrieve is not using transactions like Culprit and it is designed to allow full update of the database. 


Additional Information

Client's job worked because they have update authority, an associate's job failed who doesn't have update authority.. 
Access is defined in the DMCL for IDMS

The open is dependent on settings in the DMCL.  
DMCL is the IDMS definition of a database and it includes default access settings.